---kissinger by schweppes grand prix/racing at renault garage/

----- Kissinger by Schweppes Racing Grand Prix at Renault Garage, Italiňlei (Tunnelplaats 3-5), Antwerp -----

Fully fueled up and ready to go we invite you all for a lap on the new Kissinger Club Circuit @ the Renault Garage.
At last a fresh location for our Kissinger enthusiasts.
We know you like a pit stop and are in need for some proper maintenance.

Achtung: we'll probably organize only 6 events at this venue.

Ready for a lap dance ? Buckle up grease monkeys !

* Alpine Garage /`80 `90 vibes *

A x e l D a e s e l e i r e
(chief Matroesjka & Kissinger resident)

K r i k k e & B e n n y B a n g
(Kissinger residents)

Z o h r a
(special '80 set / Pop & Tits)

Z a k i
(father of ny Djs / superstar dj avant la lettre)

Unknown Racers
(to be revealed just before the race)

* R5 Turbo Room/hosted by Sound Architecture & Sunday Matinee *

G u i d o S c h n e i d e r
(Cadenza, Pokerflat, Cocoon, Berlin) (Ger)

P i e r r e
(Lessizmore, Fuse)

J o a c h i m
(Sound Architecture, Cafe d'Anvers)

p i r r Ť s
(Silver Network - iN yOUR fACE)

A r n e, V e e b o & D e l b a e n aka w h o K n o w s
(Sunday Matinee)

* Monte Carlo Rally/hosted by Matterhorn *

I a n P o o l e y
(Pooled Music, Berlin) (Ger)

S i d n e y C h a r l e s
(Kling Klong) (Ger)

T h a n g

S Ý r e n
(Matterhorn & Kissinger)

Presale: 15 euro (ex comm) / Doors: uro

All visual artists to be confirmed.

Speed up and buy your ticket(s) in advance as seats are Limited along the circuit. Be early but stay late.

3 fuel bars available to comfort your pit stop.

Dress suggestion (and this is only a guideline): F1 rally catsuits & jackets. Colors red, black & blue. Pumps & sneakers.

Watch promotion trailer:

http:/http://www.youtube.com/watch ? v=PQxXApfIPxU




https:/http://www.facebook.com/events/561900150511147? fref=ts

Note: This is an artparty. Not a real Grand Prix or rallyrace.
Renault Garage
Tunnelplaats 3-5
2000 Antwerpen
0491258137 - Reserveren is aangeraden
15 vvk (ex. comm) 25 aan de kassa
Vanaf 18 jaar

Zaterdag om 23:00

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