Briqueville (concert)

Little is known about Briqueville, it's one of the best kept secrets in the Belgian metal scene. Shrouded in mystery and anonymity, their dark and pure aesthetics creates evenness and prevents a cult of personality.

In they released their self titled debut album, with four tracks that all conclude around the 10 minute mark. Humo defines the band as "the persuasiveness of a steamroller with the instinct of a stamp collector". To emphasize their release they buried opies across the country, gradually releasing the coordinates.

The music demands to be experienced live. Slow lingering compositions that require patience and submission, subsequently followed by a deep catharsis.

After a successful tour through Belgium and the Netherlands, the second album, aptly named "II", will be released on February , .

All artists are spoiled with perfect food by Eetcafe Florian Hasselt.
Cafť Cafť
Meldertstraat 40
3500 Hasselt

Donderdag : van 21:00 tot 23:00

6 april