Silvia Abalos sings Mexico

In the context of the exhibition by the Mexican artist Blanka Amezkua the famous and beloved Brussels-Mexican singer
SILVIA Abalos will present us the music of her Mexican background.

SILVIA Abalos has a voice of an enormous range and flexibility,
and she is an impressive performer in all styles.

For this concert she invites friends and guest musicians from her Latin repertoire that coincides so well with her strong dynamics and passion.

An evening of joy with Mexican music by Silvia Abalos and guests.

Art Base, Saturday /1h, 1E ( reduced 7E), ue des Sables Zandstraat,
1000 Bruxelles. For reservations, more info & samples go to
Art Base
Zandstraat 29,
1000 Brussel
02 217 29 20
12,50 gereduceerd 7
Elk type publiek

Zaterdag om 20:00

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