10 days of deepening Nvc with marianne Göthlin and corrylaura Van Bladel

Nvc in Lightness and Depth – 5th edition

We are excited to invite you to this what we envision to be a fun, engaging and explorative training – an opportunity to learn and live mutuality and empathy together.

We have a highly engaging set of tools, including ropes, to weave this together.

About the content, you will:
Deepen your awareness and expand the empathic space in your life.
Increase your skill building, practicing on your learning edge.
Develop your personal way to transmit Nvc to people you meet, whether it is in the family, in your workplace or as a trainer.
Develop your personal Nvc literacy, your 'street giraffe'.
Practicing empathic empowerment, building a warm and supportive environment, where mistakes, stumbling and falls are part of the learning path.

Some topics we would like to attend to:

practicing to engage with all of your reactions as expressions of life
moving from understanding, through acceptance to action
learning from moments when things are not going your way
engaging with enemy images, anger and self-blame
keeping your self-connection in turbulent moments
cultivating and expressing celebration and gratitude
exploring the difference with teaching and sharing
sharing Nvc from within you and through your words

We go for a smaller group size, which will give the opportunity to co-create and vary the program to meet the most needs. We will be two experienced trainers, two experienced assistants and the experience from participants which will be the rich blend to work from.

We would like participants to have had at least 10 days of Nvc training already.

We will be in the venue of Blabla, which has shown to be truly supportive to what we would like to focus on; and with closeness to nature, a garden, small rooms and several food shops and restaurants nearby.
The training will be in English with translating in Dutch.

The structure with 4 meetings spread over time, is supporting process learning and integration.

3, 4 en 5 oktober 2019
7 en 8 december 2019
15 en 16 februari 2020
29, 30 en 31 mei 2020

Days start at 9:30 am and end at 5:00 pm (if 3 days, then day 3 till 4 pm).

There will be opportunities also to arrange meetings with participants in between the trainings.

Price: sliding scale € 1.500-2.000 + 21% Vat. You can add your choice of amount (depending on free will and income) in the field underneath – with the possibility to pay in installments.
You can pay with Kmo portefeuille.
Waar :
Centrum Blabla
Oude Vorstseweg 25
2430 Eindhout
Telefoonnummer :
+32 486 23 42 57 - Reserveren is verplicht
Tarief :
Price: sliding scale € 1.500-2.000 + 21% VAT. You can add your choice of amount (depending on free will and income) in the field underneath – with the
Publiek :
Vanaf 16 jaar
Internet :
Toegevoegd door :
Van Bladel Corrylaura

Donderdag: van 9:30 tot 17:00
Vrijdag: van 9:30 tot 17:00
Zaterdag: van 9:30 tot 17:00
Zondag: van 9:30 tot 17:00

Van 3 oktober 2019 tot 31 mei 2020


Blijf op de hoogte van de evenementen in uw regio via onze nieuwsbrief!

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