African Dance classes with Domani Ke´ta (with live percussion)

Learn how to dance traditional African dances in a 1h lesson (Mondays) with Guinean dance teacher Domani Ke´ta - with live percussion (djembÚ & bass drums).

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere I teach and practice with my students the various dance steps of many traditional dances of the Mandinga region (Jankadi, Makuru, Dununba, Soli, Mandiani etc.).

I explain the context of each dance, teach their simple and more developed steps together with little traditional songs and help the dancers get aquainted with the sounds and patterns of the accompanying instruments (djembÚs and bass drums).

At the end of the year (June), we usually organise a party where the group can show what they learned to the public (friends and family). This aims to re-create the atmosphŔre of the famous West-African "Ballets" where I danced before I moved to Europe and which were very popular until the end of the 1990s.

* Those who are interested in learning also the traditional drumming, a djembÚ and doundoun lesson is scheduled immediately after the dance lesson by my djembÚfola Bayo Lamine in the same location. Contact me!
Aantal kramen :
Waar :
Centre Rosocha
Rue Brialmont, 7
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node
Telefoonnummer :
0484424746 - Reserveren is niet nodig
Tarief :
100Ç for 10 lessons or more advantageous season tickets
Publiek :
Vanaf 15 jaar
Internet :
Toegevoegd door :
Claudia Schlagenhauf (04/09/2019)

Maandag: van 19:30 tot 20:30

Van 9 september 2019 tot 7 september 2020


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