Audacious met Jonas Saalbach in Zodiak

Audacious with Jonas Saalbach at Zodiak
Audacious is a concept hosted by Amare, born out of the love for the deeper, warmer, more colourful and sexy sounds. Think dirty bass lines, melodic & deep techno, funky house. Imagine all this with a playful touch and an exotic hint to it. That's the sassy sound we'll select for you.
For the first time, Zodiak will host the event, the most intimate club of Brussels !


*Jonas Saalbach *
(Einmusika Recordings, Katermukke, Moodmusic Records)
Berlin (DE)

Honest techno-music permeated by powerful basses, graceful arrangements and dreamy melodies Ė one might add a lot more attributes, but basically, Jonas Saalbach is refreshingly different. He constantly reinvents his music but refrains from leaving out distinct nuances, which make his music unmistakable. Jonas performs his tracks exclusively live.


*Antonio Ponti *
(DOSE, Wilde Agency, Killer Kiccen)
Milan (IT)

Antonio Ponti is a polyhedric artist at 360į expanding his knowledge in different fields, such as the production of lights and laser shows and being the head and promoter of many different events in Italy (VENDUTO, Dose, Port Royal p.c., The Garden etc.); concepts that are not just parties but proper shows full of different contents, mixing the music with lights and video installations, and where he is always the main actor.
Antonio is the founder of Killer Kiccen, a proper art factory, the base and expression of his strong personality, and the headquarter of different activities and projects for artists, now one of the main alternative venues of the Milan underground scene.
Known for his 'intense, driven and atmospheric' techno sound and involved in many different projects he started travelling all around the world playing in several different festivals such as Tomorrowland, Wecandance - Electronic Beach Festival, Sonar, Cirque Magique, Transhara, Transylvania Calling, Afrikaburn, and bringing his groove in famous clubs such as Katerblau in Berlin, Club Vaag and Kompass in Belgium, e Hall in Tallinn, Magazzini Generali in Milan etc.


*Amare *
(Cirque Magique, Tomorrowland, Audacious)
Brussels (BE)

Amare's sound is best described as deep, melodic, sensuous, sassy, with an exotic hint, and a joyful touch. Music is her medium to spread the love and connect people. 'Amare' is a Latin verb, 'to love', an active name that describes her energy.

She has played at major clubs and events in every continent (except for Antarctica): Tomorrowland (BE), Afrikaburn (ZA), Midsummer Bling (EE), Fuse (BE), Public Works sf (US), Tba Brooklyn (US), El Sůtano (CR), Labyrinth club (BE), Zodiak (BE), Woo Studio (HK), Euriska (IN), Kiwiburn (NZ), The Alchemist (KE), etc.


*Jason Heat *
(AmStrand, Klangwerk., Be)
jason has been creating sounds since he was a child and he was Dj-Ing and producing at the age of 15. He won several dj contests and has several releases on a.o. Locked Records, Klangwerk. This warmhearted and creative artist gives you a ride into his imagination. Don't miss it !

*Raw Louis *
(Non Peut- tre / Npe, , Be)
in love with electronic music, Raw Louis played for N.E.M.O party, for the Fuse after winning a dj-contest, for Zodiak and many others little underground venues. No need to categorize his musical style, he only wants to make us travel, feel and dance.


*Philip Didier*
(Until Dawn Music, Nl)

Waar :
Kaasmarkt 10
1000 Brussel
Tarief :
10 euro
Publiek :
Vanaf 18 jaar
Internet :

Zaterdag: van 23:59 tot 7:00

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