Bellydance Summerschool

9 weeks of bellydance workshops,
6 different teachers,
2 levels,
loads of fun !
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Bellydance Summerschool is a great way for you to learn something new, give bellydance a try, keep up your dance practice, or just get your weekly dose of fun work-out. At Dance School Teuta we aim to create a safe and fun learning environment, where you can have fun, meet new friends and of course Dance. Whether you are a beginner dancer who has never danced before, or an experienced dancer, feel welcome to join us this summer. We welcome all levels, nationalities and sizes.

🔥 Program 🔥
Pick your favorites or join all of them !
15/07: Belly Burlesque
22/07: Queen of Slink – The Power of the Snake
29/07: Inner Muse Bellydance
05/08: Sensual Bellydance
12/08: Flamenco Fusion
19/08: Good Vibes Bellydance
26/08: Queen of the Damned – Zombie Proof Bellydance
02/09: Warrior Fan Bellydance
09/09: Goddess Fan Bellydance

Time Schedule for all Summerschool evenings:
18.30 – 19.45 Beginner Workshop
20.00 – 22.00 Intermediate/ Advanced Workshop

- The beginner workshops are meant for dancers with no or little bellydance experience.
- The intermediate/ advanced workshops are meant for dancers with bellydance experience who know the basic bellydance moves.

- Beginner Workshops (75 minutes): €19
- Intermediate/ Advanced Workshops (2 hour): €29

Package Deals:
- All 9 beginner workshops for €149
- All 9 intermediate/ advanced workshops for €229

Please note that there are no refunds
All terms and conditions for workshops can be found here:

📍ALL Info📍

📍workshop Descriptions📍

️ 15/07: Belly Burlesque ️
Teacher: Teuta
Unleash your inner vixen and step into a magical world filled with tease, playfulness and sensuality. Belly Burlesque is all about body confidence, self-love and fun ! in In this ultrafeminine workshop we will fuse the serpentine moves of bellydance with the flirty attitude of burlesque.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
We will have a look at some of the basic eye catching movements of belly dance: from belly rolls and undulations to shimmies. Mixing it all up with some cheeky burlesque inspired movement, sexy walks and attitude. The workshop ends with a sensual and fun routine integrating all the steps we learned.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
The art of tease meets the mystery of tribal fusion. Ready to add some layers of sizzling hotness to your bellydance ? Luscious tribal fusion movement, fun drills and a spicy choreo, all layered with a touch of naughtiness. Step outside of your comfort zone into a world filled with seduction and fun.

️ 22/07: Queen of Slink ️
Teacher: Lotte
Looking to achieve that ultimate slinky tribal fusion bellydancer look ? In this workshop we will dive into slow movement, and explore the full potential of our bellydancing body. Yoga and pilates are used to build up a strong foundation: gaining strength in the whole body, flexibilty in the upper body, and better body awareness.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
Discover the slow snake-like belly dance moves, and learn how to liquify your movement. Grounding ourselves to become slow, controlled, and smooth, we will work on fluidity, slow movements, beautiful flowing poses and sensual undulations.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
A deep dive into all things slow, sleek, and serpentine. Expect lots of smooth undulations, juicy combos, and of course some crazy layering. Challenge your body and brain with Lotte’s mindblowing layering, trying to keep your snakey slinky movements whilst adding some power staccato accents.

️ 29/07: Inner Muse Bellydance ️
Teacher: Liesbeth
We all have numerous archetypes inside of us – mother, healer, hero, rebel, and so many more. In this workshop you’ll learn how to activate and dance your inner muses. Maybe you never felt like a pretty or motherly or warrior type ? Can you open yourself for this dance discovery to happen ? Can you open up for an ancient support system to bring you closer to yourself ? Come and find out !

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
In the beginner workshop, we “start-to-goddess” with a short introduction about the 7 olympic goddesses and their features. Discover how these muses translate into belly dance vocabulary. We will evoke the intention of these goddesses by embodying some specific movement exercises and a belly dance choreography.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
We’ll take a deep dive into the influence of goddesses in our dancing and in our lives. By opening up to this process, you will be able to discover new parts of yourself and touch your audience on a deeper level. Expect an expansion of your movement vocabulary, solo exercises and a group choreography. Owning your story means you become the dance, not only the dancer. Join the discovery as you are being supported by the collective of your dance sisters.

️ 05/08: Sensual Bellydance ️
Teacher: Teuta
This workshop is all about connecting to your feminine strength and embracing your sensuality. Melt into your body, let go of shame and allow yourself to truly be yourself. Whether you’re shy, outgoing, or anything in between, feel welcome in this workshop that’s all about celebrating your beautiful self.

For this workshop please bring:
– A blind fold or a scarf that you can use as a blind fold
– For the intermediate/ advanced workshop knee pads are recommended.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
This workshop is designed to help you embrace your sensual side, boost your confidence, release inhibitions, and learn the basics of bellydance at the same time ! You`ll learn how to move your hips and belly, caress your body, and bring out your inner seductress. Time to empower yourself and tap into that sexy side.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
This workshop is all about juicy movement and exotic floor work. Tribal fusion bellydance on fire ! Dive into the feminine art of seduction, snake across the floor, and add some layers of sensuality to your dance. The workshop ends with a playful routine that encourages you to awaken your wild woman.

️ 12/08: Flamenco Fusion ️
Teacher: Laura
Bellydance and Flamenco are a match made in heaven. Tribal fusion bellydance has always been inspired by Flamenco: the strong arm postures, floreos and spins. In this workshop we will give an extra Spanish twist to our dance and add some eye catching Flamenco elements to our bellydance.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
In the beginner workshop we will learn a few basics from both tribal fusion bellydance as well as flamenco. Of course we will also focus on the powerful Flamenco attitude. We will end with a choreography at the end of the workshop combining everything we learned.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
After having a look at some of the Flamenco fundamentals, in this workshop we will dive into the fun world of layering. What happens when we layer flamenco movement on top of our tribal fusion vocabulary ? We will have a look at hand work, attitude and of course the famous taconeos footwork. Ole !

️ 19/08: Good Vibes Bellydance ️
Teacher: Anika
A class that will brighten your week. Inspired by ska, reggae and afrobeats, this feel good workshop is all about warming the soul. Dance combos that bring a smile to your face, high energy drilling and letting go of all the thoughts in your head. Boost your mood, and bring on the good vibes !

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
Set to the rhythms of the Caribbean, you will be learning some uplifting simple moves that you can use on any world’s dancefloor. Finding inspiration in the upbeat music, we will play around with all the moves we learned in a mini combo. Laugh, move your body, and celebrate your fun loving spirit !

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
Inspired by ska, reggae and afrobeats, in this playful workshop we will work on refining your tribal technique. Find new pathways in your body and unlock the secret of truly letting go while being precise at the same time. Class includes drills, layering, and a challenging combo that will definitely get you out of your comfort zone.

️ 26/08: Queen of the Damned️
Teacher: Lotte
Inspired by the apocalyptic feeling that was created by the pandemic situation and 3 months of lockdown, this workshop is all about bizarre and unconventional movement. Expect dysfunctional body parts, strange hand/arm twists, and weird expression.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
An introduction in the world of unconventional bellydance. We start by breaking down tribal fusion basics and adding some urban tutting handwork. Then we will explore our creepy side putting all these new moves into a crazy zombie inspired dance routine.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
Let’s feed our dance souls, shimmie our booties and layer our zombie heads. This workshop is all about adding layers of weirdness to our dance: from tutting armwork to kickbox moves. Starting from the duality of the zombie and the apocalyptic warrior, you will also be invited to use your own creativity for impro and group work. Have fun assembling your brain-eating zombie and release it in the dance studio !

️ 02/09: Warrior Fan Bellydance ️
Teacher: Chantal
Reawaken your inner warrior in this workshop fusing martial arts, bellydance and fan work. The traditional Chinese fan dance is rooted in over two thousand years of history. Since the Han Dynasty, the fan dance evolved into two distinct ways – for civilian dance and for combat. The Warrior fan workshop will bring you down this second path, teaching strength, authority, and confidence. Who knew fans could make such an elegant but deadly weapon ?

If you want to try out the moves with your own props, please bring any dance fans you may have already (not fan veils !). One fan per student will be available during the workshop. Of course, if you love them, you can purchase one (or two !) to take home.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
The beginner workshop will teach the basics of martial art fan technique, characterized by a strong, quick, and combative style. A flow of drills and poses drawing from Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and folkloric dance will teach you the essentials of powerful fan work. We’ll end the class with a short combination, blending traditional Chinese movements with belly dance to create a unique form of fan fusion.

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
This workshop will teach you precision fan techniques, learning to spin, open, and close your fans with speed to create more dramatic effects. With a warm up focused on building strength and flexibility for fan work, we’ll put all these new moves to the test through a short tanggu (Chinese ‘hall drum’) choreography to show off your warrior fan skills.

️ 09/09: Goddess Fan Bellydance ️
Teacher: Chantal
Inspired by the breathless elegance of Chinese dance, in this workshop you will learn to belly dance with Chinese Fans. Short silk fans are used in traditional Chinese dance based on a series of symbols and movement vocabulary that help communicate clear emotions and tell a story. Learn how to bellydance with this mesmerizing prop and embrace your most elegant self.

If you want to try out the moves with your own props, please bring any dance fans you may have already (not fan veils !). One fan per student will be available during the workshop. Of course, if you love them, you can purchase one (or two !) to take home.

Beginner workshop (18.30-19.45)
This workshop starts with a ballet-inspired warmup. Through a series of bellydance-Chinese fusion drills, it will teach short silk fan technique with a focus on flow and elegance of movement. We’ll end all together with a short group combination to showcase the beauty of short silk fans when they are used in harmonious coordination between dancers – the way short silk fans are most often used in Chinese dance !

Intermediate/ advanced workshop (20.00-22.00)
The focus in this workshop will be on using fans to make your movements look longer and more delicate, with plenty of spins, turns, layering and elongated movements. A final theatrical combination about the Moon Goddess will show how fans can be used not only to accentuate your dance, but tell a story as well.

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