Bellydance Summerschool

Want to keep dancing in the summer months ? Then this is for you !
7 Wednesday evenings in July and August, 7 different bellydance styles, 7 (inter)national top teachers, and loads of fun !

You can join all classes, or pick your favorites.

During summerschool we offer workshops for 2 levels: absolute beginners and intermediate/advanced bellydancers.

Wednesday evenings in July & August:
July 3, 10, 17, 31
August 7, 14, 21

Time Schedule for all Summerschool evenings:
18.30 – 20.00 Beginner Workshop
20.00 – 22.00 Intermediate/ Advanced Workshop

The beginner workshops are meant for dancers with no or little bellydance experience.

The intermediate/ advanced workshops are meant for dancers with bellydance experience who know the basic bellydance moves.

- Beginner Workshops (1,5 hour): €19
- Intermediate/ Advanced Workshops (2 hour): €29

Follow all workshops for:
- All 7 beginner workshops for €115
- All 7 intermediate/ advanced workshops for €175

Please note that there are no refunds
All terms and conditions for workshops can be found here:

*LAST Minute Registration*
as long as a summerschool workshop is not marked as sold out, you can still join. Just come to Planeet Mars 10 minutes before the start of the workshop and register on the spot. Payment in cash or through your smartphone (bancontact app)

*ALL Info*


🖤 July 3rd
High Heel Bellydance
Teacher: Chantal (BE)
Heels are taking the dance world by storm ! What better way to add some extra glamour and sass to your life ? These workshops will teach you the alignment and strength you need to work your favourite moves in heels, and how to combine it with bellydance.

! Make sure the heels you bring to class are comfortable, stable (no backless shoes !), and flexible. 5cm heels is a good place to start !

The beginner workshop will focus on the basics of moving, posing, and balancing in heels for dance. Dance movement exercises will help you get out of your comfort zone and move with confidence and sensuality, the two most important elements of any heels routine ! We will also have a look at some tribal fusion bellydance basics. Finally, heels and tribal fusion bellydance will come together in a short and fabulous routine.

Intermediate/ advanced
The intermediate/ advanced workshop will add focus on floorwork, and the strengthening and flexibility exercises to get you there. Learn to move, pose, and get even more comfortable in your heels so you don't even realize that you're wearing them anymore, and you can effortlessly add them to your tribal fusion bellydance.

🖤 July 10th
Belly Flamenco
Teacher: Carol (BE)
Fun, feisty and, above all, passionate ! Flamenco is known for its graceful arm gestures, percussive footwork, intricate body movement, and intense emotion. What happens when we mix this highly-expressive dance form with bellydance ? In this workshop we will combine the strength and fire of flamenco with the grace and power of belly dance.

During the beginner workshop, we will first have a closer look at the eyecatching Flamenco arm and hand movements. After that we will work on expression and dynamics: how can we translate our emotions into dance movement, and how does emotion work in bellydance and in flamenco. We will end with a feisty combo at the end of the workshop combining everything we learned.

We will first delve deep into flamenco movement vocabulary. You will pick up some of the essential foot work, hand movements, posture, strength and body control required in Flamenco. Then it's time to play around as we will layer this flamenco vocabulary on top of our beloved bellydance movements. This workshop ends with an expressive belly flamenco choreography.

🖤 July 17th
Urban Bellydance
Teacher: Anika (BE)
A fun, and edgy fusion where bellydance meets the explosive energy of urban dance. Anika willl introduce you to the upbeat world of urban bellydance through edgy isolations, locks, waves and other urban-inspired movement. You will also be handed some matching urban attitude and flavors to add to your dance.

In the beginner workshop we will explore belly dance techniques and mix it with elements from the world of urban dance. We will work on drills using each part of the body, and combine them in different combos using attitude tools and differents types of energies to “urbanise” them !

Intermediate/ Advanced
Let's give a sassy spin to to our bellydance by adding some urban techniques and aesthetics to it. We will work on traveling, movement vocabulary, energies and attitude, all with an urban touch.
At the end of the workshop we will incorporate all that we have learned into a short fun choreography

🖤 July 31st
Belly Burlesque
Teacher: Angela (NL)

The serpentine moves of bellydance and the playful attitude of burlesque are a match made in dance heaven ! Let's add some burlesque to our bellydance, and play, flirt and tease around ! Bring out your inner vamp and show your dangerous side. In this workshop we will be getting acquainted with some basic archetypes, moves, postures and expressions from the art of burlesque, and fusing them with tribal fusion bellydance moves and techniques to create a sensual combo that is hopefully just a tiny bit outside your comfort zone. The sky is the limit !

After a playful warm up we will be getting into some basic postures and walks from burlesque, and how their 'magic' works on a technical level. Then we will learn a lovely bellydance combo that integrates these postures to form a sensual whole.

Intermediate/ Advanced:
We will dive into some burlesque poses, walks and floorwork. After that we will be doing some short technical tribal fusion bellydance drills, and lastly we will be fusing it all into a sexy and slightly naughty combo.

🖤 August 7
Belly House
Teacher: Laura Dãnapati
House Dance is a social dance that is all about freedom and feeling the music. It is inspired by different dance styles like Tap, African Dance and Hip Hop. What happens when we mix this high energy dance style with bellydance ? Find out in this unique infectious workshop in which we fuse some essential house steps with bellydance. Get your sweat on :D

! Please bring clean, indoor running shoes !

This workshop will first break down some basic house steps to build a solid foundation that will allow you to move and groove around. After that we will have a look at some basic tribal fusion bellydance techniques. We will end with a piece of choreo mixing up the 2 styles !

Intermediate/ Advanced
In this workshop we will have a look at some basic house moves and glue it to our tribal fusion technique. Expect crazy layering, intricate footwork, jacking, lofting and loads of fun. At the end of the workshop we will put all the stuff we learned into a crazy bellyhouse routine.

🖤 August 14th
Dark Snake Fusion
Teacher: Lotte (BE)
Let's explore our dark side. All about snake charming bodymoves, this workshop is inspired by Gothic Tribal fusion. Embrace the creepy, beautiful, sensual, hypnotic and powerful art of dark belly dancing. Put devotion in your dance, and express yourself with your body, eyes and hands !

- Beginner
For this beginner workshop, we will look at the basics of slow movement within Tribal Fusion Bellydance: taxeem, maya, omi, sidewinders and a lot of belly rolling ! Your hands and arms will get some extra attention ! This workshop is all about how to control your body and how we can put some extra spicyness in simple movement !

- Intermediate/ advanced
Starting up this class with serious drills and layering, we will awaken the body for another level in dance: how to express emotion and devotion with simple gestures ! The key elements are hidden in your own body: eye contact, fingers, or stillness in chaos. Transform your inner darkness into a more devoted and sensual dance ! We will also learn an advanced dark fusion combo.

🖤 August 21st
Belly Ballet
Teacher: Sissi (BE)

Belly dance and ballet are two dance styles that at first sight hardly have anything in common. However practising ballet can be very useful for bellydancers: Technique, posture, fluidity, grace and flow can add a magical quality to your dance. In this workshop we will fuse the 2 styles together and add some of ballets ethereal quality to our bellydance.

In this workshop you will discover some basic steps of classical ballet: "pas de bourré" with shimmy, the arabesques, "waltz", the "plié", small jumps and some turning techniques. The workshop will consist of a warm-up for flexibility and grace, several diagonal exercises and a mini combo merging oriental dance with ballet technique.We will finish with a small choreography.

Intermediate/ Advanced
In the intermediate/ advanced workshop you will discover some more complicated and faster ballet steps: jeté, basque, and glissade. We will start with a warm-up for flexibility and grace, several diagonal exercises and a combo merging oriental dance with ballet technique.We will finish with an advanced bellyballet choreography.
Waar :
Planeet Mars
Land Van Waaslaan 78
9040 Sint-Amandsberg
Telefoonnummer :
0488431257 - Reserveren is aangeraden
Tarief :
Beginnersworkshop: €19 | Intermediate/Advanced workshop: €29
Publiek :
Vanaf 18 jaar
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Toegevoegd door :
Teuta Dibrani

Woensdag: van 18:30 tot 22:00

21 augustus


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