The Ecc team are proud to present this year's panto – Cinderella
Come on down to Hardup Hall, to join Cinderella and her best friend Buttons! Cinderella always makes the best of everything, but her horrible stepmother and hideous stepsisters try to make sure she is as miserable as possible! And while Cinderella sweeps the floors of Hardup Hall, at the Royal Palace a certain Prince Charming dreams of finding someone who will love him for who he truly is…
Bringing the Prince and Cinderella into each other's lives will take some real magic – so it's lucky for all of us that Cinderella has a fairy godmother! But with two inept trainee fairies looking after things, get set for a whole lot of topsy-turvy silliness on the way to Cinderella's happy ever after.
With enchanted pumpkins, sparkling slippers, toe-tapping songs and loads of fun, this brand-new production is sure to delight young and old alike. Oh yes it is!
Centre Culturel d'Auderghem
183 Bld du Souverain
1160 Oudergem
Vanaf 3 jaar

Vrijdag : van 20:00 tot 22:30
Zaterdag : van 13:30 tot 16:00 en 17:00 tot 19:30
Zondag : van 13:30 tot 16:00 en 17:00 tot 19:30

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