"Collusion and solitude" door Bethléem Dubois

"collusion and solitude" - Travel photographs (excerpt)

Exhibition from the 8th of May until the 7th of June. Opening of the exhibition the 8th of June in presence of the photographer.

Bethléem Dubois is a Franco-Ethiopian photographer living in Brussels (Belgium).

With this exhibition, Bethléem wishes to share her views on the questionings that arise from meeting the other, what it confronts us with and what it can lead us to. From China to Ethiopia, from Iran to Italy, the exhibition casts a light on the "collusion and solitude" pertaining to the tacit agreement between the photographer and the subject, from curiosity to voyeurism, from losing to finding oneself.

Free entrance. Come along & bring your friends!
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Le Cercle Des Voyageurs
Lievevrouwbroersstraat, 18
1000 Brussel
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Maandag: van 11:00 tot 18:00
Dinsdag: van 11:00 tot 18:00
Woensdag: van 11:00 tot 18:00
Donderdag: van 11:00 tot 18:00
Vrijdag: van 11:00 tot 18:00
Zaterdag: van 11:00 tot 18:00
Zondag: van 11:00 tot 18:00

Van 8 juni tot 7 september


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