Emotional Freedom Technique - online introduction

Please be welcomed to this two hour introductory Eft workshop !

EFT is a first aid kit for modern days ! It consists in tapping a sequence of acupuncture points and thereby clearing blockages- unpleasant memories and issues- this is why it is also called emotional acupuncture. (For a more detailed description on Eft please click here).

It can help you gain calm and clarity, by instantly addressing unpleasant thoughts and feelings such as stress, anxiety or fatigue. Furthermore, it is an invaluable tool in clearing old unwanted ‚“baggage‚”, that weighs you down unnecessarily and thereby impacts your emotional and physical health.

Our belief system is shaped by our life experiences. Sometimes few, but very decisive negative events can build a false perception of who we are. This can be such a reduced and narrow image, fueled by self-criticism, which limits and holds us back in life. As a result, based on this negative self-image, we end up not applying for that position, we don't give that talk, or we don't pursue the relationship or career we were always dreaming of. However, there is a way out- it's possible to have autonomy from your past. By tapping the past or present unpleasant feelings, Eft can be a hugely useful too to move on and create the life you want !

Cursus in het Engels. De lesgeefster begrijpt ook heel goed Nederlands (dus je kan zelf Nederlands praten).
Oost West Centrum Vzw
Van Schoonbekestraat 148
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20 euro
Vanaf 18 jaar

Dinsdag: van 19:00 tot 21:00

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