Freeletics Brussels Community Workout (sport & social event)

If you are looking for the perfect occasion to meet new people while taking care of your health, look no further. Freeletics is made for you !

Being a "FreeAthlete" is about becoming a better version of yourself : do not be ashamed of your fitness level but come as you are now and get supported in your journey by an amazing community of great people !

Freeletics is a new way of training, based on an app. Train wherever and whenever you want, with no material. Free from inconvenient training spots, training schedules and material : free from excuses ! Talking about free : all our events are free.

Each Sunday, our community gathers around the athletics track : we pick a common workout selected from the app, and encourage each other to complete it. The difficulty level can and should be adapted to your own personal level. We also organize other events during the weekdays (Tuesday/Thursday), and special activities from time to time.

Bring with you (preferably):
- water
- gym mat
- the app on your smartphone
- plenty of motivation and energy !

So take the challenge and meet us on the athletics track of the Cinquantenaire Parc !

See you all on the track!

The Brussels Freeletics Community
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Aantal kramen :
Waar :
Parc du Cinquantenaire / Jubelpark
1000 Brussel
Tarief :
Publiek :
Vanaf 15 jaar

Dinsdag: van 18:30 tot 19:30
Donderdag: van 18:30 tot 19:30
Zondag: van 17:00 tot 18:00

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