Hindu Nights

Banging tunes & dj sets … dirty dancefloors & dreams of naughtiness. HiNDU NiGHTS is back ! Mark the of September in your calendar for a perfect night out with your best mates.
Hindu Nights is the place to be if you want to step away from electronic music, towards sexy rock ’n roll music. From Amy Winehouse to Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles to Florence + The Machine, The Rolling Stones to Adele. In a way that’s what HiNDU NiGHTS has always been about: enjoying a night out with your friends and not being too much of a dickhead about the definition of rock ‘n roll music.
And yes, all are welcome… As long as you prefer Jack Daniels over Jameson and Everton over Liverpool, everything is more than okay for us.
See you at the Concert Hall of Vooruit on the for lots of love, peace & rock ‘n roll !

Rock 'n Roll
Live music
DJ sets
Jack Daniels
Dirty Dancefloors
Dreams of Naughtiness
Get in !


EARLYBiRD: €5 (excl. reservation) / Very Limited
Wave: €10 (excl. reservation)
3rd Wave: €1xcl. reservation)
DOOR: €15

Date: ept.
Doors: 30 – 06h.
Address: Vooruit - Gent
Waar :
Concertzaal Vooruit
Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Gent
Tarief :
EARLYBiRD: €5 (excl. reservation) / VERY LIMITED 2nd WAVE: €10 (excl. reservation) / 3rd WAVE: €12 (excl. reservation) / DOOR: €15
Publiek :
Vanaf 18 jaar
Internet :

Zaterdag om 22:30

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