Lee Morrisons Urban Combatives

6 uur durende Seminar met Michiel Mulder

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hier enkele woorden van Michiel:

This seminar is going to be based around the Urban Combatives Gameplan.

The gameplan is designed for you to come home safe ! But... in this gameplan shit can go wrong ! Then we need a solid battleplan to be sure to stop the threat !

I donít teach you how to be a victim. I teach you how to become the predator ! Out of an act of sheer desperation !

We are going to work on your mindset and your skillset ! Mindset is Key !

looking forward to see you brothers and sisters ! Letís make you a harder target then you were before !

Best regards,
Michiel Mulder
Urban Combatives instructor


Entrance fee: Ä45

(Students of Kmb Ä35)

Secure your place for this seminar by depositing the entrance fee to the following account:

Krav Maga Beveren

Places for this seminar are Limited, so registration is required !

Registration closes @ 20 September 2019

WE See Eachother Soon For A Strong Seminar With Michiel Mulder.

thank You !

all the best,
Dimitrios Andritsos
Head instructor Kmb
Waar :
Sportcentrum Beveren
Klapperstraat 103
9120 Beveren-Waas
Telefoonnummer :
0477855449 - Reserveren is aangeraden
Tarief :
Publiek :
van 18 tot 55 jaar
Internet :
Toegevoegd door :
Dimi Andritsos

Zondag: van 12:00 tot 18:00

29 september


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