Mbsr Mindfulness 8 week class

His is a great way to get started on your mindful journey and to discover what mindfulness can do for you. This workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to learn what the benefits of mindfulness are and would like to practice some mindful meditations to relax and settle the mind and body.

IN 8 Weeks You Will Learn How To:

reduce mind wandering and enable you to improve your focus , find more calm and clarity and appreciate the present moment.
support yourself , reduce stress and help to gain better control of your life.
liberate yourself from fear, anxiety, and unhappiness. Research further suggests that well-practiced mindfulness can help to control pain signals.
improve your well-being and health, by nourishing your soul and develop a more loving attitude towards yourself and others, you can expect to find a sense of inner peace.
balance your energy in a better way and rediscover the happiness and joy in your life.
apply some powerful practices which can be incorporated into daily life and support in challenging moments and situations
ONCE You Book This Workshop You Will Receive The Zoom Link For The Workshop

costs: 350 €

1970 Wezembeek-Oppem
Vanaf 18 jaar

Zaterdag: van 10:00 tot 12:30

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