Sacred Cacao & Sound

Carmen and Tim are delighted to share a sound ceremony with Papashuku, guided by the master plant, cacao.

You are welcome to join us in Zaal van Trier. Get in tune with the sacred healing sounds of the spheres. Enter a cosmic rabbit hole of celestial magic and dive into the realm of the sacred Amazonian cacao.

Papashuku, an Acutonics sound practitioner and herbalist, comes from land of the rising sun, Japan. He is a world traveler collecting indigenous knowledge from the Peruvian Amazon and the natives of North America.

Together we'll help guide a space for purification and expansion to higher realms into the infinite cosmos of oneness.

This is a meditative and therapeutic sound journey guided by the vibrations of creation and powered by Madre cacao. From the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, theobromine cacao (also known as the food of the Gods) has been highly revered as a powerful heart, mind and soul tonic. Under the influence of pure raw cacao, its essence, spirit, and body will help us open up our hearts and look deep past our minds and wounds and into our dreams and true essence.

A ceremony infused with sacred sounds, aromas and a rare variety of wild crafted cacao will create an unique opportunity to look into one’s subconscious as we solidify back into our true nature.

Guided by the pure vibrations of “ohm”, imprinted on a 96cm gong, sets an environment of deep relaxation while grounding and nourishing us on the soul level. Attuning every cell while increasing our awareness and receptivity from other dimensions and realms. Helping us reconnect with true wisdom and our divine path here on earth so we can fulfill our destines here as humans.

Build a ladder beyond the rational mind and social conditionings and awaken into our true spirit and essence of oneness. Letting go of the past and diving head first into the infinite future of possibilities.

This 90 minutes guided sound meditation will include a gong tuned to ohm at 43, a harmonic set of Tibetan healing bowls made by master Shree from Katmandu and a few more live instruments and aroma therapy to create a safe healing and expanding space.

Supported by Carmen, Tim and vibrational therapist Papashuku.
We are honoured and very happy to share this special co creation event with all of you.

We invite you to come and experience, celebrate life and create a sacred space together in Zaal van Trier.

Van Trierstraat 40, Antwerp

Early Bird (Ends 6/09/): br />
Standard Ticket: 30€

You can also buy a ticket at the event, but we do have limited spots.

7:30 pm

8:00 pm

There will be yoga mats and blankets availble.
If you prefer, you can always bring your own.

Much love,
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Zaal Van Trier
Van Trierstraat 40
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Vrijdag: van 20:00 tot 23:00

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