Secret Fashion Stories

What is Our Secret?

Brussels is a big melting pot of subcultures. On the 3rd of September the “Secret Fashion Show” will reveal the synergies of local expertise to the large public. Five designers will share their fashion secrets on the catwalk. Their styles and stories are coming from the edges of the world. in Brussels, in Molenbeek they recreate their designs through a process of merging local and global influences .
Five Brussels based artists accompany the designers. Together they reveal a network of stories, knowledge and creative life, that composes the extraordinary fabric of our city. The Secret Fashion show is a performance of dance, theater and fashion where the invisible labor of local artists is celebrated.
Gare Maritime Tour & Taxis
Rue Picard 11
1000 Brussel
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Elk type publiek

Zaterdag: van 19:00 tot 20:00

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