Tcha Limberger Trio (GipsyJazz)

The Tcha Limberger Trio plays Jazz, Manouche songs of western Europe and Gypsy songs from all over Europe. From central and eastern Europe some musica Lautareasca from Roumania, instrumental versions of Russian songs, Magyar nota and Transylvanian repertoire (mostly from the region of Mures taught to us by celebrated violinist Marcel Ramba).

Played by three exceptionnal musicians!

Tcha Limberger: Born into a renowned Belgian family of Manouche musicians, virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Limberger grew up in a world of the Gypsy swing style of Django Reinhardt, and over the years has collaborated with many of its leading performers, including the celebrated Fapy Lafertin. He has an ongoing fascination and love for traditional music from the world over and is one of a handful of world class musicians to have become accepted and respected in a style of music culturally not their own. His showcasing on the international stage of his Transylvanian Kalotaszeg Trio and Budapest Gypsy Orchestra, and his nurturing approach to teaching almost forgotten traditional musics has made him one of the most prominent and 'important figures in folk music of the Carpathian Basin.

Vilmos Csikos: born in Budapest in a musician family, he longed for double bass but had to start with piano while waiting to be tall enough. He already won national contests and finally, at 10, started double bass with famous Lajos Montag. He also started to learn accordion on the side. He started to be hired at important locations in Budapest at 15 years old, and then went on to play at venues around the world... Until he was called to replace his model doublebassist at Les Alteliers de la Grande Île in Brussels, an important moment for him since he consequently moved in Belgium and most importantly met Tcha Limberger and Roby Lakatos, with whom he toured the entire world.

Benjamin Clément: born in Brussels in 1975, he began to learn to play the guitar as a teenager under the influence of his father, a guitar player himself. He discovered the Django Reinhardt style of jazz, and while playing amongst these musicians he met Tcha Limberger. Aside from the jazz, they both shared a big interest for East European and Balkan music that Benjamin had discovered while playing in Brussels with Hungarian, Romanian and Bulgarian musicians. He also started to play Greek music and discovered the Rebetiko with prominent musicians of this style, a passion shared by Tcha Limberger. He is the first call guitarist with Roby Lakatos, accordionist Aurel Budisteanu, cimbalom player Costel Ursulet and played in the band Zongora feat amazing Bulgarian clarinet player Mladen Mladenov and drummer Niki Alexandrov. With violin master Marcel Rîmba Clement has become a master accompanist in the music of Transylvanian.

A not-to-miss concert!

Tickets : 8€ full / 6€ student / 4€ members*

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Le Cercle Des Voyageurs
Lievevrouwbroersstraat, 18
1000 Brussel
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8€ full / 6€ student / 4€ members*
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Woensdag: van 20:30 tot 23:59

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