Teacher Training 'KundaliniYoga for kids 'SunChild'

Contents of the Training
While learning several techniques that will help you to teach children of all ages, it will at the same time help you to be a more joyful and stable human being in healing your own childhood and confront your patterns.
Childhood from a yogic point of view. Children psychology & stages of growth. Family systems & pattern. Responsibilities as parents.
The inner child in adulthood. Identify your wounds which are an obstacle for your life. How to approach difficult children Ė non-aggressive communication. Life cycles (7, 11, 18 years old). How to teach a class.
Kundalini Yoga for children
Postures for children and effects
How to teach a class; Important tips and sets (classes) divided by age groups (2-3; 4-5; 7-10; 11-12 and teens)
Rituals, games, chants and dances
Sets for the eyes, stress, anger; Relaxation; Massage
Stages of growth and Kundalini Yoga adapted to age groups
How to deal with teenagers
Working with difficult children and techniques for teachers and children for strengthening the nerves
Trial classes with feedback.
Wounded Child
Theory and healing work on the inner child and the hidden self
Identify personal patterns which blocks your innocence and joy.
Waar :
Maf! de Creatieve Droomfabriek
Hukkelgemwegel 4
9820 Merelbeke
Telefoonnummer :
0477/22 39 30 - Reserveren is verplicht
Tarief :
950 excl BTW
Publiek :
Vanaf 18 jaar
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Toegevoegd door :
Mariam El Guenaien

Zaterdag: van 8:00 tot 21:00
Zondag: van 8:00 tot 21:00

Van 13 tot 16 juni 2020


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