Terra Nova Collective

Clari d'Amore.
Een revival van speciale klarinetten.
Dit is een project dat Terra Nova eerst in januari speelt in New York en in februari in Japan.
Daarna in Kapellen.

His focus is on the rediscovery and performance of forgotten composers and their music.
Vlad has an extended discography which contains most of the greatest works for clarinet and a series of trendsetting world premiére recordings. These are very well received by the public and press. Vlad gives lecture recitals about these subjects.
Apart from his extended experience asa recording director, Vlad is regularly asked to participate as a guest musician, either as a soloist or chamber music player with local and international ensembles.
Vlad teaches—amongst other things— chamber music at the Kunsthumaniora in Antwerp and is a teacher of the bass clarinet at the Royal Conservatoire.

Dirigent en klarinet: Vlad Weverbergh
Waar :
Sint Jacobuskerk
Kerkstraat 4
2950 Kapellen
Telefoonnummer :
Tarief :
€21 / vvk €18
Publiek :
Vanaf 14 jaar
Internet :

Zaterdag: van 20:30 tot 23:00

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