The Scabs Unplugged Power off - Première / Ancienne Belgique

The Scabs

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The Scabs' very first theatre tour!

In '15, The Scabs added a new, unexpected chapter to the band's now rich history with 'Ways Of A Wild Heart'. After the reunion concerts of '07, they made a successful comeback with their album - that camped in the Ultratop for eeks and made it to Number 1 - one that united the best of the past and their current potential.

The creative source hasn't dried up yet either: exactly ten years after that already legendary reunion, Guy Swinnen, Frankie Saenen and Willy Willy are ready for their very first theatre tour, entitled 'The Scabs Unplugged Power Off'. Sometimes with power though, but just as often the volume dial is turned left. New and old work, hits and appealing album tracks are all measured up with unplugged arrangements especially for this tour.
Ancienne Belgique
Boulevard Anspach 110
1000 Brussel
(0)2 548 24 84

Woensdag om 20:00

Dit evenement is voorbij. Doe een zoekactie op de site, om de volgende uitgave van dit evenement te vinden.


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