TPIA w/ Smos B2B Ismedio Kaymaz all night

Each month we give you multiple opportunities to let the beast inside of you go! You can roar, you can howl, you can make noises we've never heard before.

At our #TPIA resident nights you have a valid reason to dance without boundaries and to enjoy quality house and techno music all night long!

Animal trainers at your service this night are:

Smos Bsmedio Kaymaz

We are not responsible for future animalistic behavior but in case you do transform let us know on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TPIA !
Cafť d'Anvers (Official)
Verversrui 15
2000 Antwerpen

Zaterdag om 23:00

Dit evenement is voorbij. Doe een zoekactie op de site, om de volgende uitgave van dit evenement te vinden.


Blijf op de hoogte van de evenementen in uw regio via onze nieuwsbrief!

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