Vernissage Francesca di Lauro

Elke maand een andere expo van een andere kunstenaar. Deze keer: Francesca Di Lauro

“My passion for horses has been with me since I can recall. I was always the little girl with her nose squished on the side window of the car when passing a field, just to get a glimpse of them. To think of it, I still am. Only when I turned twenty did I decide to start painting them, with any technique I could use: Oil, acrilic, watercolor, charcoal. Whatever I could find that could fix the essence of the animal. When I see a horse, I see freedom. A sort of freedom I would always want to have in my heart, even in the most constraint situations. That’s why they’re so inspiring to me. I love watching them move and talk to each other in herds and I’m always looking for new expressive poses to paint. In this exposition, I’ll be sharing with you some of these poses, giving them each a story of the feeling I had when painting them. I hope you can relate to it and enjoy.”

Waar :
Who's Afraid of Red Yellow And Blue
Koolkaai 3
2000 Antwerpen
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Vrijdag: van 19:00 tot 23:00

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