Zelf Verdediging Workshop 29/09

Zelf protectie programma urban combatives

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Facebook: Krav Maga Beveren - kmgthis seminar is going to be based around the Urban Combatives Gameplan.

The gameplan is designed for you to come home safe! But. In this gameplan shit can go wrong! Then we need a solid battleplan to be sure to stop the threat!

I donít teach you how to be a victim. I teach you how to become the predator! Out of an act of sheer desperation!

We are going to work on your mindset and your skillset! Mindset is key!

looking forward to see you brothers and sisters! Letís make you a harder target then you were before!

Best regards,
Michiel Mulder
Urban Combatives instructor


Entrance fee: Ä45

(Students of kmb Ä35)

Secure your place for this seminar by depositing the entrance fee to the following account:

Krav Maga Beveren

P aces for this seminar are limited, so registration is required!

Registration closes @ 20 September 2019

WE see eachother soon for A strong seminar with michiel mulder.

thank You!

All the best,
Dimitrios Andritsos
Head instructor kmb
Zoekertje nr : 1973369
Gezien : 217 keer


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