Weddings and Special Occasions Classical Music

2000 Antwerpen
Experienced at providing tasteful and elegant music for your wedding or special ceremony, I offer solo piano and combinations of piano with violin - viola - cello - etc. to create your memorable and touching experience. Personally, I have obtained four degrees/diplomas in classical music performance from schools in the States and in Antwerpen. Together with my colleagues who are also high-level and qualified musicians, we create personalized and exquisite arrangements of your favorite musical selections to highlight the occasion and help create a lifetime memory.

Availability: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent as well as throughout Belgium (or beyond) for a extra fee

*piano must be provided on-site, but we can also work with you to help find a solution if no piano exists

Pricing: 350€ base fee + 200€ per each extra musician for 1.5 hr ceremony
Travel costs: beyond Antwerp/Brussels/Ghent, and extra 50€ surcharge incurs per musician
Prijs : 350 €
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