20 years of magasin4:: dead elvis & his one man grave (nl) + peter pan speedrock

Concerten 20 years of magasin4:: dead elvis & his one man grave (nl) + peter pan speedrock
' Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave (NL) (Zombie / Rock'n'roll)

At the end there was a nuts with a zombie mask, dressed in white perfect Elvis-style, posing for pictures between the few dozen person of the audience, holding the hands of everyone.

Shortly before, that psychiatric case who goes under the name of Dead Elvis and His One Man Grave delighted the few people attending at the Traffic club of Rome with a show at the same time unsettling, coarse and very funny. The audience, very young but qualified, liked it so much, including us: sure, it has been difficult to follow the delirious monologues which interspersed with every scanty and skeletal rockabilly song he played during the three quarter of an hour of the gig time, but maybe to be understood wasn't that important for Elvis. In fact, he's a poet, his jabbered delirium is on the metaphysical side of life, the same as the fellatio he gave to the microphone, the loose mask that always seem to slip from his face and the King's costume, almost perfect but with a pair of shoes which didn't shine enough compared to the rest… the monologues and monster's cries, the little screams and special effects as a z-movie Jon Spencer version, altogether they compose an imaginary world that's absolutely trashy Las Vegas (not by chance, where our hero he's from), although his Myspace talks about an imaginary "Disgraceland".
His mix between lo-fi, r'n'r, garage, blues and country, with posters that also would be perfect for a Cramps show, talk loud about the "cultural" and musical references of the guy: here you got the real rubbish America, the one of white trash and gore, the sick side of stars and stripes, which comes out from the movies of Russ Meyer, Roger Corman, and why not Samuel Fuller, just as from the records of Screamin' Jay Hawkins.
Mr. Dead Elvis shake, in fact, is pure made in Usa, and it's easy to think that if Presley could sing from the grave he would play this kind of music. The same way, if the truck driver from Tupelo would have been in a porn movie, also producing the soundtrack, we're pretty sure that while he would have been enjoying with a big-boob bare assed blonde he would have sang songs like "Monster Under your Bed", "Get Outta My Grave" and "Shake". Dead Elvis is writing alternative and imaginary histories of rock. He's a messiah and a man that you have to follow on at any price. Listen to him and buy his 7"; by doing so, maybe next time his shoes will also have the right brightness.
' Peter Pan Speedrock (NL) (Rock and Roll / SpeedRock)

Peter Pan Speedrock (PPS or Ppsr in short) is a Dutch band from Eindhoven. It was founded in 1997 by guitarist Peter van Elderen. He was joined by drummer Bart Nederhand and bass player Bob Muileboom in making their first self titled album. After this album Muileboom was replaced by Bart Geevers, who would stay to be a permanent member. The trio is known for their honest, no-nonsense rock n' roll songs and has a good reputation when it comes to live shows. They are often joined by guest singer and stage clown 'dikke Dennis' (Fat Dennis). Peter Pan Speedrock has grown out to be an established name in the Dutch rock n' roll scene
' Driving Dead Girl (Rock'n'roll)

In and after only a few showcases, Driving Dead Girl is short-listed and takes part in the International Dour Festival, but this was only the first step ! Following their forerunners' example, the quartet played several first-parts such as The Rakes, Queen Adreena, Radio4, Tokyo Sex Destruction, Black Angels and many others. Meanwhile, they also recorded a first album: "50,000 Dead Girls Can't be Wrong". Comprising a short selection of only 7 titles, it is recorded under live conditions and mixed in two months fulfilling the then low-end and garage-rock attitude that animated the group.
At this time, Driving Dead Girl also had an exclusive recording contract with 'bang !' which gave them the opportunity to perform all around Belgium and from time to time in France. Unfortunately the then tense atmosphere soon disrupted the shaky organization and both J-F Hermand and André Diaz left the group.

Four years later, after several changes in the band line-up and a neared dead-end, the group finally stabilized. Newcomers Vincenzo Capizzi (drummer) and Dan Diaz (bass player) smashed in, bringing by this very fact a new balance and a new vision to the project. The news spread like a thunderbolt and proposals for concerts and records broke surface again. The band was back on line and the nouveau quartet premièred Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Black Angels and Lords Of Altamont. This definitely cemented their brand new stage reputation.

More recently, in January , Driving Dead Girl started the realization of their second album: ' Don't Give a Damn about bad Reputation'. In only 10 titles, the quartet enjoyed renewed success and confirmed their propensity to play and perform with a brutal energy coping with an original rock musical style wherein cinematographic and literary influences, stamped with broken-hearted sadness and despair, sometimes gave in to alcohol abuse, psyched madness and mal-être.
Don't Wanna Talk About That Girl Anymore
' Sons of Disaster (Rock'n'roll)

Sons of Disaster were born on the 6/6/ in BxHell Rock City at 6AM. . . Sons of Disaster is "High Octane Rock 'n' Roll" induced by overcharged riffs, selfdestructive hard-hitting drums, unforgiving bass-lines and lyrics comin' to you from a brandy-distillery run by satan's whores. . . Every gig is played like it's the last one. A crowd with 10 or 1000 people will get exactly the same energy through their bones and veins !
' The Dyson's (Punk / Rock)

We are The Dyson's and we play Punk and Fuc*ng Broll !
' Spaggguetta Orghasmmond (ATG) (variétoche free style)

C'était lors du nouveau sacre de Silvio Berlusconi sur la Place Saint Pierre de Roma : Raymond Rhammond et son Orgue Hammond ont été convié par le Saint Pontife à un récital des cantiques organismiques destiné à fêter la Victoire du Milan ac sur son rival as Roma. Le public religieux ne comprennant pas les paroles des chansons ni l'accent scandinave de Joel Ramone, Raymond Rhammond fit appel à un vieux Kamarade des Dance Flore et sale ami Sambrien : David SpagGuetta. Celui-ci, se remettait à peine de sa triste seconde place au dernier festival de San Remo ne se fit pas prié plus longtemps pour accepter l'invitation. .. Le chic duo de choc se lancera donc dans un sabbah endiablé rien que vous mesdemoiselles. Des chansons tristes, des slows, des valses, des polkas et des du folklore transalpinte....
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+ ENTRANCE : 10 €
+ OPENING Hour : 6:30PM
+ ORGANIZERS : Magasin 4
Havenlaan 51b
1000 Brussel
Vanaf 16 jaar

Zaterdag : van 17:30 tot 23:30

20 september
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