‘Yaraví’ A Piano Voyage through Argentina Emiliano Khayat / Piano

‘YARAVÍ’ Is a Piano concert based on projections of unhurried voyage through the various cultures and landscapes of Argentina. The piano works were composed during these travels, fusing traditional Argentine rhythms with jazz influences and contemporary music.

Was born in Resistencia, Chaco, in Argentina. He is a composer and arranger specialized in South American music. An accomplished pianist and accordionist, he graduated from the Popular Music School of Buenos Aires and has worked as a musician with Tonolec, Peina Catú and Veronika Silva among others. He was the winner of the First Prize of the National Foundation for the Arts in the Folklore Category / Argentina .

Art Base, Sunday /19 18h, 1E ( reduced 7E for students under nd jobseekers),
ue des Sables Zandstraat, 1000 Bruxelles. For reservations & more info to www.art-base.be
Waar :
Art Base
Zandstraat 29
1000 Brussel
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Zondag: van 18:00 tot 21:00

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