Bellydance Open Day

Saturday June you can try all bellydance classes at Dance School Teuta for free  And you also might just be the star in our new promo material, as there will be a photographer and videographer present to film all the fun. Plus you get the chance to presubscribe for all classes with an early-bird discount and an additional Open Day Discount !

11.00 – 11.45 Tribal Fusion Bellydance Beginners
11.45 – 1 Tribal Fusion Bellydance Intermediate
1 – 13.15 Tribal Fusion Bellydance Advanced

Limited spots available !

Registration is necessary:

LEVELS Explained

– Beginner
this class is meant for beginning bellydancers with no or little bellydance experience.
– Intermediate
this class is meant for dancers who know the basics of bellydance or tribal fusion. You have followed at least 1 class series in bellydance, and are familiar with moves like the maya, shimmies, camel, chest circle and bellyroll.
– Advanced
this class is geared towards dancers who have at least ars of bellydance experience. To get the optimal result out of your class, it is best if you already followed at least 1 tribal fusion class series with Teuta.
Waar :
Planeet Mars
Land Van Waaslaan 78
9040 Sint-Amandsberg
Tarief :
Publiek :
Vanaf 18 jaar
Internet :

Zaterdag: van 11:00 tot 13:15

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