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Warmly welcome for the edition of the Conscious Spring Gathering during which we will celebrate Beltane ! This time we meet at the beautiful Zarlardingas Farm in Geraardsbergen.
Let’s gather again and consciously connect with each other during this special ‘hopefully outdoor’ event with a contact impro workshop by ★ Tommy Russo ★, a heart opening cacao ceremony by ★ Kune, Isa & Carmen ★, a playful warm-up ceremony by ★ Sigurd ★, followed by a wonderful Ecstatic dance journey with ★ dj Carmen ★ and a delicious potluck to share at the campfire to end with !

So much looking forward to welcoming you !

*PART 1*
13:00 : Arrival & smudging
13:15 : Opening & welcome by Carmen
13:30 : Contact Impro workshop by Tommy
15:00 : Short break

*PART r /> 15:00 : Arrival & smudging
15:15 : Opening & welcome for the Cacao ceremony & Ecstatic dance by Carmen
15:30 : Cacao ceremony Kune, Isa and Carmen
16:30 : Warm-up Ecstatic dance by Sigurd
17:00 : Ecstatic dance with dj Carmen
19:00 : Closing Ceremony by Sigurd and Carmen
19:15 : Potluck (bring a light meal to share)
0 : End
this is an alcohol and drug free event ! Thanks to respect this.
Contact improvisation workshop by ★ Tommy Russo ★
Exploring skills in a safe and fun way, developing a stronger, more aware body. Working with one or many partners, using points of contact and a play with weight and spatial directions to develop subtle, as well as highly physical movement abilities. We can creatively explore and improvise movement patterns and pathways, with no fixed steps, flowing through space and levels, from rolls to lifts to flying, listening, creating a group story.
Cacao ceremony by ★ Kune, Isa & Carmen ★
Cacao works especially on our heart opening. Raw cacao is a medicine that brings us more into our hearts and the heart-connection with each other. When we drink pure cacao and sing together we naturally come more into harmony with ourselves and each other. It is a nice introduction for the dance that follows.

Ecstatic Dance with ★ dj Carmen ★
What is Ecstatic Dance?
Ecstatic dance is a unique dance experience, a free-form conscious dance that allows you to sink deeper into your body. In a pure way you melt together with the music. We come together to open our hearts, to give movement to what lives within you, to feel, to go deep, to connect, to dance, to express, to transform, to celebrate life and to just 'be'. Surrender completely to your inner flow !
Feel welcome, feel free !
he basic guidelines are simple: we dance barefoot, sober (we only drink water) and leave words behind. Each dance is a journey in connection with yourself, in connection with the whole group, alone or in contact with others.
We move our bodies freely in a context of a compassionate, non-judgemental, forward thinking community. Come as you are, move as you wish !

Online tickets:
Conscious Spring Gathering all-in ticket (PART 1+ Part br /> - Online all-in ticket 45€ (till 30/4)
- Cash at the entrance 50 € (on 1/5)
Ticket Cacao ceremony & Ecstatic dance (PART br /> - Online Cacao ceremony + Ecstatic dance only ticket 30 € (till 30/4)
- Cash at the entrance 35 € (on 1/5)
Please reach out if financially more difficult. We will find a solution together.
What to bring?
- your own water bottle (you can refill it with water on site),
- an extra blanket, small carpet, yoga mat, meditation cushion or towel to sit comfortably on the grass.
- your own instrument if you feel like it.
- if you join the potluck, please bring a plate, fork, knife & spoon together with your delicious light meal to share
- your beautiful soul !

Welcome to Zarlardingas, a secret haven nestled within the enchanting Flemish Ardennes.
Zarlardingas Boerderie, Moutstraat 9500 Geraardsbergen.
Please carpool as much as possible .
Let’s co-create some magic together ! 
Big love,
Ecstatic Dance team Halle 
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul, of the body” - Martha Graham - 
Montserrat 29
9500 Geraardsbergen
Vanaf 18 jaar

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