Sashiko -Japanese stitching Introduction course

Introduction course including beginner's lesson

Sashiko is a sewing technique that uses traditional geometric pattern stitching. It looks like drawing with thread on the various fabrics. Originally, sashiko was used in Japan to repair holes in clothes, reinforcing them and allowing the scarce fabrics to be used for as long as possible. Nowadays sashiko is becoming popular in the world from the spirits and the fair of rustic simplicity. We suggest enjoying to find ideas and your new creation, and to savour the moment through sashiko.

Learning objectives
- Become familiar with sashiko stitching
- Understand straight and right-angled sashiko patterns
- Understand the difference between the two sashiko stitch techniques

【Dates 2024: 5 lessons in total】
* It is also possible to choose convenient dates and time as private lessons.
1 17/4 : Introductory session, technique A
2 24/4 : “Unshin” practice and preparation for the work, techniques A & B
3 15/5 : “Unshin” practice and work, techniques A & B
4 22/5 : “Unshin” practice and ttechniques A & B
5 19/6: “Unshin” practice and work: making a needle pile with sashiko techniques A or B

Morning course: 10:30-12:00
Afternoon course: 13:30-15:00
Evening course: 18:00-19:30
+ If you have any clarifications when sashiko stitching at home, you can always ask questions by email.
*After every lesson, you need to continue to enjoy the sashiko stitches started in the lesson at home. You can you have questions.
*Capacity: 5 students per course

【Cost】 220 € (incl. basic materials and tools)
*If you have already taken a beginner's lesson, please attend from the second session. In that case, the cost is 180€.
*Please note that no refunds can be made after the course has started and that there are no replacement lessons in case of absence. However, if the absence is notified in advance, a supplementary lesson will be given at an additional cost of 10€ per lesson as a private lesson.

【Cost for private lesson】 55€ /lesson
Atelier Sashiko Belgium
Square Baron Alfred Bouvier 6
1060 Sint-Gillis
Reserveren is verplicht
Vanaf 6 jaar
shin saian (03/03/2024)

Woensdag: van 10:30 tot 12:00 en 18:00 tot 19:30

Van 17 april tot 19 juni


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