The Ring of the First Art

The outdoor exhibition "The Ring of the First Art" is a tribute to architecture and to the great builders : the 40 exhibited artworks show different buildings within a dreamlike, poetic and fantastic dimension allowing visitors to rediscover them.

The story which accompanies the exhibition is entitled "The Echo of the First Art". It was inspired by the artworks and not the reverse. It is part of a collection of 14 other stories imagined by the artist in collaboration with several writers, but it is also a dream, a journey, with a start and a finish.

For this exhibition, the artist made use of the site topology and played with perspectives, nature and geometry which is at the heart of his approach. The result is a unique creation made in symbiosis with the venue.

The exhibition in detail :
- On-site visit : 40 artworks of 180 cm by 120 cm spread over a 250-meter walk, complemented by 11 lecterns displaying the story "The Echo of the First Art" based on the artworks and written by Lucie Delvigne
- On the Internet : pictures of the exhibition and a video of all artworks with a narration of the story by the comedian Marie-Cécile Gueguen (subtitles in English and other languages are available).

Where : Parc communal de Tertre - Site de l'administration communale - rue de Chièvres 17 - 7333 Tertre - Belgium (free entry)

When : from April 30 to September 30, 2018 from 9 am to 8 pm and from October 1st to October 30, 2018 from 9 am to 6 Pm

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Waar :
Parc Communal - Site de l'Administration Communale
17, Rue de Chièvres
7333 Tertre
Tarief :
Publiek :
Elk type publiek
Toegevoegd door :
Jean-Jacques Oppringils (27/05/2020)

Maandag: van 9:00 tot 20:00
Dinsdag: van 9:00 tot 20:00
Woensdag: van 9:00 tot 20:00
Donderdag: van 9:00 tot 20:00
Vrijdag: van 9:00 tot 20:00
Zaterdag: van 9:00 tot 20:00
Zondag: van 9:00 tot 20:00


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