Yuru-cha:tea ceremonyregular course2022-23

Cha-no-yu: Tea ceremony; We taste, savour, appreciate, enjoy, know and feel the time,
the season, space, the atmosphere, the things and the mind..... with Matcha.

There are a lot of customs in Cha-no-yu and each custom is reasonable from diverse points of view; function, aesthetics, spirits and courtesy..etc

We learn to drink and to serve a bowl of Matcha by the practices
that Ansyu Saian experienced and selected among some schools of Cha-no-yu.

Every moment is unique. We meet new things every time,
We never reach the end of inquiring into Cha-no-yu: the way of tea.

The date and time (Duration: 70-90 min for 1or sons)
Please choose one hour between 11:00-19:30
1, , 15, 16, 17, eb
1, 8, 9, 10, 16, 30, 31 Mar
5, 6, 13, 14, pr

Saian Tea Ceremony at Enkidu Asbl
Squar Baron Alfred Bouvier 6
1060 Sint-Gillis
35 ou 100/3fois ou 180/6fois
Vanaf 10 jaar

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