Body movement/expression with Afro, Latin, Caribbean dances

I offer private or group lessons in relation to body movement and expression with the use of a wide array of dances including salsa, bachata, merengue, chachacha, dancehall, reggaeton, zouk, etc.

My courses offer several areas of focus:

- Letting go: break free from the tensions accumulated on a daily basis ; relax and liberate yourself both mentally and physically

- Connect: feel and visualize the movements of your body and the energy that flows within

- Gain control: body isolation, motricity, coordination and fluidity of movements, transfer of weight

Come and join me on this beautiful journey where there is no room for judgement, where the notion of level does not apply (we're all an A a long as we keep our goals alive!), where we get to accept and face our fears and do not take ourselves too seriously (good mood and humour more than welcome!), and where confidence naturally develops and becomes our greatest travel companion!

Our body has a lot to say you know, so let's have it do the talking for once! :-)
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