Online presentation of Visfera materials.

You are invited to learn about the materials we have created for presenting and practicing Nvc. In the past years we have been trying out and integrated the Visfera materials in all the work we do, and we are here to share with you.

During the evening we will

show samples of visfera materials

give examples of the flexibility in how it can be used

share results and experiences, also yours

let you know possibilities and conditions - including digital use

Added to this we are open to receive your comments and questions. We will speak English. We will offer translation to Dutch if needed. Please register the latest of May, and we will send you a zoom link before the meeting.

Looking forward to meeting you, En Dolci, Marianne Göthlin, Corrylaura Van Bladel and team Blabla.

When: 5/ from 19:00h untill 0h

Trainers: Corrylaura van Bladel, Marianne Göthlin, En Dolci

Price: Free
Van Thuis te Volgen
2430 Eindhout
Vanaf 18 jaar

Woensdag: van 19:00 tot 21:00

Dit evenement is voorbij. Doe een zoekactie op de site, om de volgende uitgave van dit evenement te vinden.


Blijf op de hoogte van de evenementen in uw regio via onze nieuwsbrief!

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